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Help Me Make Something Positive...

Free Tonight?

Shooting summer 2022

Streaming 2023

queer, based on true events


-Winner(Best Short Script) Poppy Film Festival 2023

-Official Selection FINALIST(best LGBTQ+ short) 4Theatre Film Festival 2022

-Official Selection(Short Film Script) Comox Valley International Film Festival 2022

-Official Selection(screenplay) Merced Queer Film Festival 2022

-Official Selection(best short screenwriting) Red Moon Film Festival 2022

A short film from Brendon aka Attila.

"Free Tonight?" is a film based on my experiences within the adult entertainment industry, a collective story created from events from my friends and myself. A film which talks about the human condition for the need and want of connecting with each other. Showing a loving perspective and not one where we always have to drugs addicts who abuse each other. There is a stable side to love and sex and adult entertainment, and this is the side I want to show.

A story of two people, who spend one night together, talking, making love, and letting themselves be honest... And at times not, because of fear of change and failure. 

But what we are showing for people who are on the outside is that there is a nice side it not all bad and for people on the inside, just to show one of our stories created by an insider just to say 'you're not alone' and we matter. Because in the end we're all for sale, the difference is what is exchanged.

So please help me make something positive with just 1$.

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